Why was AllianceQ formed?

Our member employers are tired of the fragmented, expensive and proprietary nature of recruitment, where barriers are placed between job seekers and jobs in the name of revenue.

Our employer members realize that together they are the biggest force in recruiting ā€“ they have all the jobs and the resources ā€“ and if they collaborate, they are the market and they can set the rules.

What are our core beliefs?

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  1. Job seekers have the right to fair, honest and timely evaluation and communication.
  2. Job seekers deserve to be treated with respect and dignity in all interactions.
  3. Job seekers' access to jobs should not be dependent on any financial resources or commitment.
  4. Job seekers have the right to continually seek to improve themselves and their careers.
  5. Employers have the right to source quality candidates without stipulations.
  6. Employers have the right to expect open and honest interactions with job seekers.
  7. Employers have an obligation to maximize their resources and minimize recruitment time and cost wherever possible.

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