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Improved Experience

Improved Experience

Online feedback portals from Improved Experience collect, aggregate, and report both real-time and trended perceptions that influence the success of your business. From the experiences of candidates and employees to the satisfaction and loyalty of customers, we’ve got a solution that's tailor-made for you. Our programs are very easy to implement.

Improved Experience can be implemented as a stand alone solution or fully integrated into the AllianceQ Open Talent Network program providing end-to-end candidate improvement and employer brand measurement.

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Qualigence is a Recruitment Research and Professional Search Firm devoted to partnering with its clients to hire the most qualified candidates for their organizations. Known for providing the most accurate and extensive research results, Qualigence has grown to become the largest recruitment research firm in the U.S. Qualigence clients are companies of all sizes and industries who utilize Qualigence for their experience and success in identifying and attracting passive candidates: those individuals not actively looking for a job, but having the skills required for the client's position(s). Plus, Qualigence operates for an hourly consulting fee for the Passive Candidate research and Passive Candidate recruiting services we provide…no commissions! Hire as many professionals as you want, for just the time it took to research and recruit them. As a business partner, Qualigence has the capability to become as involved in your recruiting function as needed. Qualigence can assess your current recruiting process and / or staff, perform one or more of your recruiting functions, provide you with online, real-time access to your candidate pool so that you can view up-to-date status as you need it, or even train your recruiters how to successfully hire passive candidates through The Answer®, our Passive Candidate Recruitment Training Program. With Qualigence, you get results…for any of your recruiting needs.

Back to top is introducing an exciting new platform for the Social Web, that helps its clients transform recruiting. The Talent Hive is an enterprise-class solution that helps employers maximize their current recruitment investment and dramatically improve their sourcing efficiency by harnessing all their candidate touch points and turning them into a growing asset.

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